Choosing the right counsellor for you!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When things get tough in life and we feel like no matter where we turn we are stuck and cannot get ourselves out of the mud, this can be a tell tale sign we are in need of a counsellor / therapist.

As humans we all go through difficult times and it can be incredibly helpful to seek a professional who is specially trained to provide you with the support required to assist. When many people think of therapy or counselling there can be a stigma placed around seeking help such as one is weak or cannot handle things on their own. This belief or stigma really frustrates me because I have witnessed and personally know the benefits of seeking help when necessary. It can be absolutely life changing to say the least!

Most times, people tend to reach out to professionals when they are unable to cope any longer and have tried in every way they know to support themselves e.g. reach out to friends, family, work out the issue on their own, block it out etc. These techniques can be helpful short-term but are almost never helpful long-term. Therefore, once people exhaust all these options they usually end up seeking professional help once their issue has become bigger and harder to deal with over time.

Therefore, what I have learnt within my professional practice in terms of finding the right counsellor for yourself is the following:

  1. Firstly, counselling is a very personal experience and therefore you must feel safe, understood, connected to and heard by your counsellor.

  2. It tends to take some time before finding the right counsellor for you. It can take a couple attempts or more before you find the one where the connection is present.

  3. Recommendations from friends or GP's regarding a great therapist, not always means they will be a great therapist for YOU. Just because they are great for someone else does not mean you will have the same experience. That is not to say they are not great, they are probably just not the right fit for you and that is ok.

  4. Connection is usually something people sense within the first meeting of that counsellor. It can be a vibe, feeling or intuitive feeling the individual gets and knows this is the right person for them.

  5. You are in control of your counselling sessions at all times and should always feel that way. You have every right to change therapist at any time based on your needs. Sometimes during therapy our needs change and we need a different experience and that is OK and normal.

My own personal experience with receiving therapy is that once you find the right counsellor that meets your current needs and truly understands you, the true deep core work can be done which is so empowering and life changing. It is not something you can truly explain to someone else unless they have experienced similar therapy.

My advice to you if you are needing some professional support is: get out there, research some counsellors that you feel resonate with you then go and have a confidential chat or meeting with them to see if they are the right fit for you before committing to further sessions! :)

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